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Clemson University is located in the northwest corner of South Carolina and is situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The main campus covers 600 acres and is surrounded by Lake Hartwell and beautiful tree-mantled hills. An air-conditioned dormitory is provided for the overnight campers.

Camp Dates

The Tiger Tennis Camp will offer the following four sessions for 2024:

  • June 2-6
  • June 9-13
  • June 16-20
  • June 23-27

Sessions tend to fill up quickly so we recommend you book early. Maximum of 100 campers are allowed in each session.

Location & Facilities

Clemson University is located in the northwest corner of South Carolina and is situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The main campus covers 600 acres and is surrounded by Lake Hartwell and beautiful tree-mantled hills. Clemson is easily accessible from I-85 and Highways 123 and 76. It is just two hours away from Atlanta, GA, Asheville and Charlotte, NC, and the Palmetto State capital of Columbia, SC. Greenville, SC is approximately 45 minutes away from Clemson, SC.

The Tiger Tennis Camp features 12 outdoor courts and 6 indoor courts at the state of the art Duckworth Family Tennis Facility, home to the Clemson Men’s and Women’s Tennis Teams.

Lodging / Security / Meals

An air-conditioned dormitory is provided for overnight campers. Meals will be served in an air-conditioned dining room at Core Campus Food Court with food service provided by Aramark (ARA). Core Campus Dining Hall is an on-campus cafeteria offering a variety of selections and unlimited portions. Options are available for campers with special dietary needs. The first meal for the campers will be a pizza party on Sunday night after skill evaluation. The last meal for all of the campers will be lunch on Thursday.

Campers reside and participate in a safe and monitored environment throughout the camp week. Only Clemson University youth camps are permitted in the dormitories during the summer. The room assignments are made according to age and gender. There are no co-ed dorms. At Tiger Tennis Camp, the camp counselors reside in the same dormitories as the campers attending the camp. These counselors are always available to our campers 24 hours a day while camp is in session.

What To Bring To Camp

What To bring

Roommate Requests

Please be sure to indicate your roommate requests on your application. Roommate preference must be requested by BOTH campers. If no request is made, a roommate will be assigned to you based on your age. Each dorm room accommodates 2 campers in a double occupancy room. If you have indicated your selection for a roommate, please be sure they have requested you! Roommate assignments are made two weeks prior to each camp session; changes made after that time cannot be guaranteed.

Suitemate Requests

Suitemate requests can be made but there is no guarantee we can accommodate all the requests. You will be notified if we cannot meet your request. In the situation where we cannot meet your request, we will try to place friends close by on the same dormitory floor.

Key Deposit / Lost Keys

A $ 100.00 room key deposit is required for each overnight camper and is collected at check-in on Sunday. We accept checks or cash for key deposits. Key deposits will be returned to the camper once the room key is returned at time of check-out.

If a camper loses their room key during the camp session, they will be required to pay a $ 100.00 fee to replace the lock. This fee is imposed by the Clemson University Housing Department. If this happens, the key deposit will not be returned at check-out.

Spending Money

We recommend campers bring no more than $25.00 in small bills. Vending machines are available in the dorms and campers may purchase snacks and drinks in the store located next to the Dining Hall. Campers are also allowed to bring snacks from home for their dorm rooms. Some campers opt to bring a credit card to order and have evening snacks delivered to the dorm. NOTE: Campers are NOT allowed to leave the dorm without supervision.

Racquets may be restrung at camp for a fee of $30.00 per racquet. If string is supplied by the camper, the fee is $20.00. Please plan ahead if you regularly break strings.

Lost / Stolen Items

Tiger Tennis Camp is not liable for theft or loss of a camper’s personal property. It is the responsibility of the camper to keep their door locked when they are away from their dorm room. Campers are encouraged not to bring a large amount of money or valuable items to camp (i.e. – TV, CD player, etc.). Prior to camp check-out, campers should check their dorm room carefully for personal belongings. If personal items are left behind and found by housing, it will be the camper’s responsibility to pay for packaging and shipping if they request the item be returned.

Camper Mail & Cars

Please mail early in the camp week to:

Tiger Tennis Camp
519 College Ave
PO Box 33127
Clemson, SC 29633

Dormitory telephone numbers will be available at camp check-in along with all pertinent camp telephone numbers and emails.

Campers who drive to camp must park in a designated area and turn in their car keys to the camp director at check-in. Keys will be returned at check-out. A temporary parking pass will be required. Cost of a parking pass is $30.00 and will be collected at time of check-in. Please notify the camp administrator of the need for a parking pass at time of registration.


Overnight Campers please plan to check in Sunday afternoon between 2:30 – 4:00pm at the Duckworth Family Tennis Facility.

Day Campers please plan to check-in Sunday afternoon at 6:00pm at the Duckworth Family Tennis Facility. After registration, day campers will join the overnight campers for the player evaluation and will be welcomed by the Tiger Tennis Camp staff.

ATTENTION ALL CAMPERS: All overnight and day campers will need to attend the Sunday skill evaluation and orientation session which begins at 6:00pm on Sunday evening.


Following the closing ceremony on Thursday (4:30 – 5:00pm), counselors will escort the overnight campers back to the dorms to gather their belongings and check-out. Day campers are free to leave directly from the tennis facility following the closing ceremony.


Overnight Campers: For directions to Core Campus Please click here. The address for Core Campus housing is: 511 Fort Hill St; Clemson, SC 29631

Overnight campers can unload in front of Core Campus C & D dormitory and then move to temporary parking at the Fike Recreation parking lot. Signs will be at Core Campus to direct you to the Fike parking lot. Camp staff will then guide you to the check-in table from the Fike parking area.

Day Campers: For direction to the Hoke Sloan Tennis Facility, (Duckworth Family Tennis Facility) Please Click Here.

The address for the Hoke Sloan Tennis Center (Duckworth Family Tennis Facility) is: 188 Old Greenville Hwy, Clemson, SC 29631