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The Tiger Tennis Camp has a professional staff with decades of experience working with juniors of all ages. Their expert tennis knowledge is shared with your child from the beginning to the end of each camp day. The Tiger Tennis staff understands the importance of creating a safe learning atmosphere that enables your child to have a fun, exciting camp experience.


We evaluate the camper’s playing level throughout the week to make sure your child is placed in the appropriate group for his/her maximum improvement. Campers are initially evaluated Sunday evening from 5-6pm. At the end of the session, all campers will know their group designation. Each group has a 6-1 player/coach ratio. This evaluation allows for our camp to run smoothly and to know exactly where our campers are at all times. Day campers must attend this important session. Coaches will continue to evaluate camper’s skill levels daily and make necessary changes, as needed, to ensure your child gets the most out of their camp experience.


The Tiger Tennis Camp accepts campers from the ages of 9-18 years old. Our on-court instruction is divided into groups, meeting the needs of the beginner to the tournament player.

  • Beginner-Intermediate: Addresses the fundamentals and basic skills for the camper just getting started to the player demonstrating consistent ground strokes and serves.
  • Intermediate-Advanced: For players who have competed in junior tournaments or has some experience in junior or high school team competition.
  • Advanced: Designed for the serious tennis competitor looking to take his or her game to the next level. This group reflects the strong tournament player generally ranked in the state, region, or national rankings.

** We will evaluate the camper's playing level early in the week to make sure your son or daughter is placed in the best six-person group for his/her maximum improvement.

Day Camp

Tiger Tennis Camp welcomes day campers in addition to overnight campers, who reside at the dorms.

Day campers should plan to arrive Sunday (first day of their Camp) at 6:00pm. Please park in the Clemson Tennis Facility parking lot located at 188 Old Greenville Hwy (Hwy 93), Clemson, SC 29631. Once parked, please walk around the building by the soccer field to the tennis facility front door. Check-in will occur in the lobby.

Day campers MUST attend the camp orientation session following camp evaluations on Sunday. Pick-up time on Sunday is 9:30pm.

On Monday – Wednesday of camp, please plan to arrive between 8:00 – 8:15am. Pick-up time is 5:00pm. On Thursday, please arrive at 8:00 – 8:15am. Pick-up will be at 5:00pm following the closing ceremony.

Daily lunch is included in the cost for day campers. Lunch will be served in the Core Campus Food Court. It offers a variety of selections and unlimited portions. Options are available for campers with special dietary needs.

Day campers driving themselves to/from camp each day will require a temporary parking pass. Cost of a parking pass is $30.00 and can be paid at time of check-in. Please notify the camp administrator of the need for a parking pass prior to arriving at camp.

Daily Schedule

Sample Schedule

Drill Court Sessions

The on-court drill sessions give the camper the necessary repetition for solid stroke production while the professional staff critiques court position, technique, footwork and movement to the ball. Each day the camper has the opportunity to hit every stroke in the game while being taught by top professionals and instructors of the Tiger Tennis Camp staff.

Guest Speakers

Each day, your child will be instructed in areas such as nutrition, strength and conditioning, sportsmanship, mental training, on-court strategies, and much more. Guest speakers will include Clemson staff who work firsthand with the collegiate teams. This will give the campers a full experience of the Tiger athletics standards.

Match Play

The fundamentals taught during on-court instruction, drill training, and speaker sessions are put into practice in daily match/point play. Point play provides the beginner and intermediate player with an excellent opportunity to learn how to compete. For the tournament player, match play is essential for the student’s success in the sport.

Evening Activities

Our staff has organized group activities each evening. Some of the planned events include Olympic night, movie night, music bingo, and a campers talent show. As with our entire schedule, evening activities are closely supervised by our professional staff to ensure a wholesome, safe, fun environment.

Closing Ceremonies

Family and friends are invited to attend our closing ceremony on Thursday afternoon. The closing ceremony will take place at the Clemson Tennis Center between 2:00 – 3:00pm. Please be sure to join us as we celebrate our week at Tiger Tennis Camp.

Closing ceremony will consist of a skills demonstration by all campers, presentation of camp awards, and certificate and evaluations for each camper.

Rewarding Environment

Tiger Tennis Camp is known for taking your child’s improvement seriously. When the camper(s) return home, you should expect to see a difference in their games as we take great pride in the responsibility you have given us as professionals. The Tiger Tennis Camp has been very successful at maintaining a high level of instruction while making the camper’s week rewarding and memorable. The camper’s growth as a player and as a person is important to us while spending a week at Tiger Tennis Camp.